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Orthodontics refers to dentistry that works to correct crooked and inadequately aligned teeth along with jaw repositioning. Uneven or twisted teeth may be much harder to clean up and keep fresh and are more at risk for developing tooth caries and periodontal disease. In addition, poorly aligned teeth can easily place additional strain on the chewing muscles that might induce headaches, back, neck, shoulder pain, or TMJ disorders. Dental orthodontics may be used to effectively arrange the teeth to help increase the appearance of your teeth.

Oral health problems like overbites take place when the upper teeth stick out past the lower arch teeth; for this reason, the patient needs immediate orthodontic treatment. An underbite is the opposite of an overbite, whereby the lower teeth project past the upper teeth. A crossbite happens when the upper and lower teeth do not properly come together and an open bite happens when gaps between the biting surfaces on the front or side of teeth, when the back molars bite together. Other troubles that may demand orthodontic treatment include spacing, crowding and a misplaced midline. Spacing includes gaps or spaces between the teeth that may have been a consequence of losing teeth or that your particular teeth are far too small to fill up the mouth. Crowding of the teeth occurs when there is not adequate space on the dental ridge for all of your teeth. Lastly, a misplaced midline occurs when the lower and upper arch teeth do not align naturally in the front.

Orthodontic therapies can help a client fashion and keep a healthier mouth, while improving the overall appearance and may increase the natural life of the teeth.

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