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Generally, teeth whitening systems are considered reasonably safe when the directions are being followed, however there are disadvantages involved in performing bleaching treatments which contain irritation of the gums, greater than before sensitivity, and technicolour teeth.

Teeth Sensitivity
Bleaching therapies can produce an escalation in sensitivity to touch, force, and temperature. This may be far more probable to appear after an in-office whitening, where the concentrations of hydrogen peroxides used are higher. During these sorts of procedures some patients may have experienced shooting pains often called zingers, through the middle of their front Treatments of bleaching the teeth may increase the teeth's sensitivity to pressure, touch, and temperature. Usually, in-office whitening applications are more likely to trigger sensitivity concerns due to the higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxides being used. Occasionally, patients could experience "zingers" which are shooting pains, through the central point of their front teeth. People with retreating gums, leaking restorations or substantial cracks in their teeth are at most risk for increased sensitivities to whitening procedures. For cases of tooth sensitivity and tooth zingers, studies have shown that redheads are more vulnerable, regardless of the risks posed or not. Usually, tooth sensitivity triggered by whitening procedures can hang around for about a day or perhaps two, but may last for periods of roughly a month in extreme cases. Dentists advocate toothpastes containing potassium nitrate for patients with overly sensitive teeth.

Gum Irritation
More than half of the consumers of peroxide whiteners experience some degree of gum irritation due to high levels of bleach and from contact with the whitening trays. Irritation can continue for several days, dissipating after the procedures have stopped or the concentrations of whitening products are lowered to a more preferred level.

Uneven Whitening
Dental restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers possibly will not be affected by bleaching therapies and therefore maintain their colour while the natural teeth are whitened. The outcome is frequently named technicolour teeth.

In order to sustain your whiter smile and to extend their longevity, dentists are likely to advise an at home follow-up whitening treatment that should begin immediately after or be completed once per year. In addition, dental professionals repeatedly encourage the avoidance of dark-coloured drinks (or to drink them through a straw) and staining foods for at least seven days following a treatment. Also, practicing first-rate oral hygiene will unquestionably help keep teeth bright and new.

Some of the things to considered before undertaking a bleaching treatment is that no amount of whitening can yield unnaturally white teeth, and outcomes from whitening are not wholly evident for a couple of weeks after whitening. When it comes to placing dental restorations such as veneers, crowns, fillings, and bridges these should be placed in the teeth just after a treatment of whitening. This will ensure maximum bonding, functionality, and colour matching. Additionally, dental restorations should be placed after a bleaching treatment to stay away from the technicolour effect. Repeatedly, gums that are diminishing can expose their yellowish root surfaces on the gum line which may be very difficult to clean or whiten. To conclude, bleaching therapies are not recommended for nursing women and expecting women because the effects of bleach on a newborn or fetus have not been sastifactorily studied at this time.

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