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Bad breath or Halitosis is often detected by others first and not ourselves. Unfortunately, chronic bad breath can have unforgettable and sometimes disastrous effect on both our business and personal lives and we suffer from transitional bad breath at some point. Oftentimes it comes immediately after eating foods loaded with garlic or onions which may last for a short period. But for many, halitosis may develop into a chronic problem that can last for a lifetime if left unsolved.

Any unpleasant odour emanating from the mouth can be generally termed halitosis. Most often, this odour comes from the breakdown of bacterial cells and human cells caused by volatile sulphur compounds. There are three main causes of oral malodour are: the extra-oral pertaining to the lungs, stomach and nasal pasages, the intra-oral or mouth, and functional.

The extra-oral causes of bad breath can include some medical conditions concerning respiratory tract disorders like sinus infections, tonsillitus, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Gastrointestinal are not as likely to cause halitosis but may contribute if a person suffers from a hiatal hernia or from a malabsorption syndrome. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, puberty, and menopause can contribute to malodour as well as systemic diseases such as liver disease, leukemia, diabetes, kidney disease, and gall bladder disease.

The intra-oral issues may arise from issues including dry mouth. This may be due to effects from mouth breathing, prescription medications, lack of saliva during sleep, a salivary gland dysfunction, or chronic dehydration. Many dental concerns can invariably contribute to bad breath due to many dental diseases, gum disease, food impaction, unclean appliances or dentures, partly erupted wisdom teeth, or just a lack of oral hygiene from irregular personal cleaning habits. Lifestyle habits such as tobacco chewers and smokers and alcohol usage, and the eating of spicy foods can significantly contribute to the problem.

Functional causes of the condition can be attributed to increased levels of stress, depression, or mental illness. Chronic sufferers can be very affected on a personal level by having intimacy issue concerns or social interaction concerns. It is at this point that many sufferers seek out many covers to mask their odour problems such as oral rinses, over brushing, and chewing gums. These attempts will ultimately fail due to the lack of proper analysis and establishment of a favorable treatment protocol.

How does someone prevent bad breath?

The best preventative measures to creating a healthy mouth is to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Creating a well-planned and balanced diet while partaking in at least modicum of exercise is vitally important. However, being conscious of your water intake is absolutely paramount. Your daily needs will vary depending on your individual needs (larger individuals generally need more water), to an average of 6 to 12 glasses of water per day. This does not include caffeinated drinks (coffees and teas) or sugary drinks (pops and juices). It is important to increase your intake of water if you exercise or are fairly active, to level between 10 and 15 glasses per day. Most importantly, maintain your oral health by managing the health of your mouth with diligent schedules of flossing and brushing. Also, try to see your oral health care providers a minimum of two to three times per year to assist your maintenance and prevention schedule.

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