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Before the birth of a newborn it is important to finish all dental work as dental cavities are generally transferred from the parents to their offspring. Newborns do not have the necessary bacterias called streptococcus mutans that cause dental cavities. Therefore parents might want to consider completing all required oral health treatments prior to the birth of a child so there is less of a chance of transference strep mutans. Children who develop strep mutans later in life and in smaller quantities will be less likely to develop cavities.

Infancy ??During infancy, never put your baby to sleep with a bottle of anything but water. Fruit juices, milk or sugary drinks in overnight water bottles can severely damage teeth and cause cavities.

When Teeth First Come In ?? In order to prevent early cavities, begin brushing your child's teeth at least twice daily, as they emerge with tiny amounts of tooth paste. Developing a pattern of brushing once in the morning and once before bedtime will help form a healthy habit that he will be able to continue throughout a lifetime.

At 6 months ?? At about six months of age, it should be determined by your oral health care provider, pediatrician, or family physician, if your child is getting a proper amount of fluoride or if supplemental fluoride in required

At 1 year ?? After your child's first birthday, they should begin to receive semi-annual oral health exams in order to maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.

At 7-8 and 12 Years Old ?? During the formative years patients can use dental sealants to help prevent cavities in their newly emerged back molars. Sealants are best suited to be placed on six year molars and once again on twelve year molars.

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