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The procedure to place implants starts by embedding an anchor surgically into the jawbone before attaching a synthetic tooth. Tooth implants could compensate for the damage to one or more teeth or give a support framework for a partial denture, or by increasing the stability and reinforcement for a full lower denture whilst enhancing the individuals self-confidence and comfort. Implants may take up to 9 months to complete as they are involved and complex procedures.

Implant operations can be a quite difficult treatment and might create some health risks which might reduce the availability for certain patients. Additional factors that may rule out individuals from this alternative is whether or not there are any pre-existing health conditions or whether the financial and time investments make it a realistic alternative for certain individuals. Additionally, first-rate candidates for dental implants ought to have sufficient bone structure to support the treatment.

The surgical site will be prepped during the initial stage of the implant treatment. During which an implant cylinder is inserted onto the receptor site. Then a sterile surgical screw, is often made from titanium alloys due to its compatibility with bone and oral tissues, is placed within the receptor.

Then the soft tissue is closed up around the surgical area and set to mend for approximately a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, it may take up to 3 to 6 months for the jawbone to completely heal or combine with the dental implant.

Once the tissues and the jawbone have healed entirely the procedure can move into stage two. This begins by taking away the soft tissue surrounding the surgical site to expose the screw. A connector post will then be screwed into the implant which will at this time stick out above the line of the gum tissues. The soft tissues are subsequently given an extra couple of weeks to heal during which time the dental restoration is being fabricated. The finishing stage in the procedure is to fasten the dental restoration to the posts bringing forth a permanent tooth fixture that is aesthetically appealing along with being quite functional.

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