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CEREC dental restorations are created of natural porcelain materials that are completely compatible with the human body, at the same time as sharing a lot of qualities like appearance and feel with healthy tooth enamel.

Porcelain materials are extremely strong and can withstand routine chewing and grinding of provisions and is not particularly affected by hot and cold stimulus. Also, with ceramic, there is no taste of metallic substances and patients will not have problems with any electrical conductivity created by encompassing metals on the teeth. Additionally, the smooth exterior of the ceramic repels microbes.

A CEREC dental fixture is produced from tooth-coloured ceramic materials that give a remarkably natural look. The porcelain materials adapt very well with the tissues in the mouth and are both resistant to plaque and are anti-abrasive. CEREC restorations enable us to be fairly particular and utilize more of the healthy portions of your tooth. It may be used for veneers, partial and full crowns, and other single-tooth fixtures like onlays and inlays.

How does the CEREC work?

In the beginning, an oral health professional will put on a thin coating of white reflective powder on the tooth's face to be used in conjunction with a unique camera, which takes photos of your broken teeth. The photo taken is a pin-sharp optical impression that allows the oral health care professional to construct a computer-aided tooth fixture. A full colour screen permits the individual to examine the design of the fixture as it is being fabricated.

Then the CEREC machine builds a very exact tooth fixture. Beginning with a solid chunk of ceramic material, a rotating high-speed diamond bur and a disk work to mill the tooth restoration. The finished product is then ready to be bonded to the tooth with adhesives.

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