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According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of elderly Canadians is rising from a populace that previously has more than 14% of its populace over the age of 65. In roughly twenty years, the percentage of elderly Canadians over the age of 65 is likely to reach 23 to 25% of the population. With the lifespan of the normal Canadian ever-increasing, it is essential that the oral health profession successfully serves the needs of a varied aging population by recognizing the unique dental and medicinal needs of elder individuals.

Geriatric oral health is the approach of dental health care remedies for elder individuals. Treatments consist of analysis, prevention, and handling of ailments resulting from the process of aging and other age-related worries. The focus of Geriatric oral health is on the elderly, who are generally taking countless medications and have more noteworthy medicinal issues. Furthermore, they may experience psychological or socioeconomic situations that necessitates a different method of dental health stewardship. A vital premise of geriatric dental is that elder adults normally go through problems of tooth caries and gingival (gum) ailments that differ from signs and symptoms that younger patients encounter. Oral health therapies for the elderly are therefore geared to any psychological or physical limitations they may have.

Preventing seniors from the oral health care that they require might involve: insufficient income, lack of transportation or incapacity to travel, weak awareness or education regarding oral health, poor systemic fitness as a result of unfortunate life-style propensities could reduce what treatments they may entertain, poor dental cleanliness habits, and there are not many dentists who are outfitted to manage geriatric dental issues.

Oral health care professionals are not ordinarily educated to handle the various dental issues that elderly patients are likely to experience. They will likely have inadequate methodological skills, information, or the correct attitudes needed to manage elderly people. Elderly individuals may be classified into six functional classifications like good overall fitness, fragile, disabled, functionally reliant, or cognitively impaired which can influence their social, interpersonal, and mental behaviours. Senior patients might also be taking many prescription medicinal drugs that could place added restrictions on the oral health care they receive and physical disabilities and cognitive difficulties can impair their ability to comply with advice and proper dental hygiene habits.

Gum Diseases - Gingivitis (gum disease) or periodontitis are serious pathenogenic infections of the periodontal tissues. If these go untouched, tooth loss might occur. Seniors who deal with greater risk of periodontal disease are those with weak immune systems, insufficient nutritional consumption, inability to eliminate plaque, pre-existing ailments like Alzheimer's, and drinking and smoking habits. Research in dental health have revealed a linkage between quite a few systemic diseases and periodontitis including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, respiratory disease, strokes and arthritis.

Root Decay - The decay of teeth is normally triggered by acid-forming bacteria from sugar compounds that gradually eat away at the enamel of the teeth. The reasons leading to oral decay in seniors include any cognitive or physical limitations that may hamper proper dental hygiene care, the application of medicinal drugs, low levels of salivary flow, compromised immune systems, recession of the gums, and weak finances.

Weak Salivary Flow - There is a natural tendency as individuals age towards a reduction in salivary flow which can be brought on by a pre-existing health condition (heart disease), menopause, side effects of prescription drugs, dehydration, eating disorders, and salivary gland infections. Saliva has many capabilities that are necessary to help sustain a proper balance within the oral cavity, which reduce the incidence of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Many of the functions that saliva performs is cleansing and lubricating of the oral cavity, antimicrobial work, buffering acids, and assisting in the swallowing of foods.

Therapies geared towards preventing these three key causes of dental health illness in seniors can play a central role in improving the overall health of Canada's seniors and reduce the problems that might come up in the form of oral cancers, ulcers, denture stomatitis, papillary hyperplasia, and fungal infections.

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