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One of the best tools to prevent tooth decay is fluoride. This mineral compound is found in various things like foods and drinking water and continues to be used by health and professional organizations for more than 50 years.

Topical Fluoride Treatments - strengthen the teeth after they have risen from the surface by flowing onto the outer surface enamel, providing added resistance to dental corrosion. Topical fluorides turn up in numerous forms of fluoride containing dental products like oral rinses, toothpastes, and oral gels. Another way to receive topical fluorides are from the application of fluoride therapies offered by your oral health care providers. Fluoride treatments are generally recommended to be accomplished twice during a year.

Systemic Fluorides - reinforce the teeth that are still growing beneath the gums and the teeth that have by now already erupted. Neighborhood water systems provide the bulk of systemic fluorides, however, most teas and the majority of foods currently contain systemic fluorides. One thing to think about is that fluoride amounts need to be monitored as excessive fluoride might induce a condition identified as dental fluorosis.

Sometimes topical fluorides and the systemic fluorides are not enough to hinder oral caries and may need additional fluoride applications. Your oral health doctors can sometimes advocate specialized home care fluoride treatments to assist you in your prevention of tooth corrosion. You might have to supplement more fluoride into your routine if: you have cracks or cavernous pits on your teeth, you have exposed roots that are now sensitive to temperature stimulation, you have poor oral hygienic habits, your intake of sugars happens too often, you have an inadequate exposure to fluorides, or you are unable to manufacture sufficient saliva due to pre-existing medical conditions, medicines, or medical therapies.

Fluoride alone is not able to prevent dental decay, so it is vitally important to sustain a healthy program of daily brushing and flossing!

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