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Peterborough TMJ Specialist

The jaw joint is located right in front of the ear. For many individuals, this junction may pop or click while closing or opening wide ... More

TMJ Specialist Peterborough

Neuromuscular dentistry is the therapy of issues of TMJ or temporomandibular joint syndrome which is associated to the functioning amid ... More

Composite Fillings Peterborough

A composite (tooth colored) resin restoration might be utilized to fix teeth that are affected by cracks, fractures, and tooth ... More

Tooth Restoration Peterborough

An inlay or onlay dental restoration is normally used to mend teeth that have suffered minimal to average damage. Teeth that still have ... More

Dentures Peterborough

Dentures might be utilized by individuals who are missing quite a few of their teeth to all of their teeth. Individuals who do not have ... More

Dental Cleaning Peterborough

Specialized dental cleanings are normally executed by registered dental hygienists and are completed right after your preliminary dental ... More

Treatment of Bruxism Peterborough

Both upper and lower arch teeth are not intended to come together but for when we are chewing or biting foods. Clenching the teeth and ... More

Sedation Dentistry Peterborough

Conscious Sedation is generally defined as a moderately depressed state of consciousness formed by pharmacological or nonpharmacologic ... More

Dental Emergencies Peterborough

While managing any tooth emergency like damage to the gums and teeth must be addressed straight away. These types of injuries can be ... More

Sedation Dentist Peterborough

Laughing gas known as Nitrous Oxide or Valium, are kinds of conscious sedation that can be utilized to help you become very relaxed ... More

Amalgam Fillings Peterborough

Silver amalgams are fairly resilient fillings, yet after several years they will begin to tarnish and decay. Once this occurs, the tooth ... More

Fluoride Treatment Peterborough

One of the best tools to prevent tooth decay is fluoride. This mineral compound is found in various things like foods and drinking water ... More

Dental Inlay Peterborough

Inlays and Onlays are custom fabricated dental "filling" restorations used by a number of dentists. In a lot of cases, these ... More

Geriatric Dentist Peterborough

According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of elderly Canadians is rising from a populace that previously has more than 14% of its ... More

Air Abrasion Dentistry Peterborough

Drill free dentistry is a contemporary development in dental care which is built to complete painfree procedures on patients who have ... More

CEREC Crowns Peterborough

CEREC dental restorations are created of natural porcelain materials that are completely compatible with the human body, at the same ... More

Denturist Peterborough

When there are holes left from missing teeth, it is critical to fill up these spaces as every tooth should have an opposed tooth to ... More

Peterborough Root Canal

Root canal remedies are needed when the nerve pulp inside tooth becomes aggravated, swollen, infected or dies. Some of the reasons of ... More

Crowns for Teeth Peterborough

A dental crown, also labeled a cap, could be employed to assist strengthening and protecting a tooth's anatomy which can't be sustained ... More

Dental Implants Peterborough

The procedure to place implants starts by embedding an anchor surgically into the jawbone before attaching a synthetic tooth. Tooth ... More

Preventative Dentistry Peterborough

Long-term oral hygiene practices and treatments used to restrict tooth caries and other oral health conditions is the basis of ... More

Preventative Oral Care

Routine home maintenance programs are generally not enough to combat active periodontal disease because the focus is on areas of the ... More

Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics refers to dentistry that works to correct crooked and poorly aligned teeth as well as repositioning the jaw. Misaligned or ... More

Pediatric Dentistry

Before the birth of a newborn it is important to finish all dental work as dental cavities are generally transferred from the parents to ... More

Oral Diabetes Examinations

Patients with either type I or type II diabetes are more likely to have gum diseases than other patients without diabetes, perhaps due ... More

Bad Breath Treatments

Bad breath or Halitosis is often detected by others first and not ourselves. Unfortunately, chronic bad breath can have unforgettable ... More

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Dr. Cam Crawford, along with his friendly and professional team of hygienists and office support staff are excited to meet with you and your family. Regardless of whether you need a regular cleaning, dental check-up, whitening, crown, fillings or a bridge, Dr. Crawford and his team can offer you the modern dental services you require.

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